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Flower Buds Yoga Class Schedule for Ages 3-7

Classes taught by Tara Rachel Jones and other Flower Yoga teachers. 


Children's/Youth Classes:

All classes taught by Tara Rachel Jones are parent/child friendly. You can drop off your child or join the class!

Please click on the links indicated to find out a class location, prices, and studio policy. 

Registration and liability forms along with a welcome letter will be given upon arrival.


Tuesdays in Cambridge:

Children's Yoga Classes  www.majesticyogastudio.com

Taught by Flower Yoga Trained Teacher (FYT), Nora Dybdal 

Flower Buds ages 3.3 - 6

3:30 - 4:15pm

Mondays in Concord:   

Children's Yoga Class  www.onthematyoga.com 

Taught by Flower Yoga Founder, Tara Rachel Jones

Flour Sprouts/Buds ages 3 - 7

4:00 - 4:45pm

Flower Blossoms Festival Yoga Class Schedule for Ages 7-11

Where: On The Mat Yoga



Diwali Yoga Festival

Dates: TBA shortly!

Private and Semi-Private Classes for Children, Youth, Teens and Families

Unable to attend a scheduled class? Tara Rachel has been working privately and semi privately with children, youth, teens and families since 1997! Schedule a session at your home or in a studio setting. Tara Rachel is masterful at creating individual and small group classes that address the unique needs of her students. 

Schedule a Private Session

Have a Flower Yoga Birthday Party!

I wish you a Happy Birthday, a joyous and celebrated birthday, for dear friend-may you live a long, long life.
Invite the class, a few neighborhood friends or the whole family to celebrate your child with a Flower Yoga Birthday Party!

  • Contact Flower Yoga to schedule the party in your home or at a designated location. We have given parties for all age-groups listed in class descriptions above. 
  • Tell us the "Theme" of your child's party. 
  • Flower Yoga will design a Lesson Plan, Yoga Game and a Flower YogArt Craft for the Theme of the party and bring all supplies necessary for the class, games and crafts.

Plan a Flower Yoga Birthday Party!



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