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Flower Yoga Class Descriptions

Flower Sprouts Yoga for ages 2-4

Very young children are explorers of the world. They absorb everything in their environment through their senses. They are just beginning to interact with others, build self-esteem, make friends and most significantly experience an inner sense of order in how they relate to the environment around them.  A yoga class for this age is a spontaneous journey of song, verse and circle play to inspire, creative movement, cooperation, concentration, coordination and independence. 

Flower Buds Yoga for ages 4-7

Children’s lives unfold the wonders of the human experience through the innocence by which they relate to the world around them. As their developing bodies express the evolution of our physiological movement, their yoga practice is a unique interplay connecting the beauty and wisdom of this ancient practice with their needs and urges of the moment. These classes are a structured rhythm woven together through story, song and verse. The exploration of asana is aligned with awareness of evolutionary movement and observation of the child’s nature movements in free and imaginative play. 

Flower Blossoms for Ages 7-11

Children blossom from the inside out. As they move into our culture with their questions, emerging responsibilities and expectations, their young minds, bodies and spirits are affected by this quest in a variety of ways. The teachings of yoga offer techniques for exploring the world. These classes present a consistent series of postures and yoga games to explore flexibility, encourage imagination and stimulate inner curiosity through listening to multicultural stories that convey ancient wisdom. Children practice concentration games and learn meditation techniques. Each class ends with guided imagery and relaxation. 

Youth Yoga for ages 11 -14

These years are bringing the childhood era to a close. Hormonal changes begin and the child prepares for the coming phase of becoming a teen. Maintaining a balance between relationships to community and a relationship to the self can be challenging. It is quite helpful find a place to just relax, share life stories find tools for inner peace and really let go and have fun with friends. This class routine consists of a flowing series of postures and breathing practices. Students are introduced to the foundations of yoga philosophy and quieting the mind through relaxation and meditation. Journal writing and drawing may be a component.  

Teen Peace Yoga for Ages 14-18

The teenage years are times of a great crossing over a threshold into the adulthood. It is an opportunity to discover one’s self and learn discernment towards one’s life choices and future contribution to humanity. It is a peak occasion for harvesting inspiration from ancient knowledge. A yoga practice can be an accessible tool to explore inner wisdom and find inner guidance. This class is both challenging and deeply relaxing. This class routine consists of relaxation, meditation, breath work and structural alignment in the postures, basic anatomy and physiology and yogic diet. Hatha Yoga is introduced as a dynamic flowing series of postures moving with the breath. Journal writing and drawing may be a component. 


Flower Family Yoga 

Family life has a milieu of details to balance each day. Practicing yoga together can offer some insight into another way to meet the day to day happenings between parents, caregivers and children. Parents, caregivers and children are invited to play yoga and cultivate a life-long practice together! Classes are designed to meet and share experiential what the developmental needs of the children are and be a place where families have fun and grow collectively. The class presents to parents and children joyful and creative ways to explore asana, breathing and meditation together through inspiring stories, games and partner poses. 

Inner Goals of Yoga Education

Tara’s intention is to offer parents, caregivers and teachers tools for greater harmony in their relationships with their children. Tara’s focus in working with children is about observation, intention, awareness and just simply BEING with them, rather than what to “do” with them. Children are born in a state of yoga (union). However, in this culture, many children are moving at a much faster pace than they are naturally developing. This inevitably puts stress on their young bodies and spirits. A yoga practice gives them the opportunity to slow down, reconnect and establish their inner rhythm, thus balancing their energy. As they develop, their practice takes on new rhythms and cycles, moving from an amorphous way of being to developing stability and awareness of structure from the inside out. The self-motivation and independence that blossoms through their relationship to the yoga process expresses itself in other areas of their lives. 

“Children of great light must be gathered together, for on their own, their light is scattered, but brought together their light shines far, far beyond human understanding.” -Sri Swami Sivananda

“Our aim is not merely to make the child understand, and still less to memorize, but so to touch his imagination as to enthuse him to his inmost core.” -Maria Montessori

“The greatest divine revelation on earth is the evolving human being.” -Rudolf Steiner-  

What Parents and Children are saying about Flower Yoga

I am truly honored to write a review for Tara Rachel's Flower Yoga Program.  I have a unique perspective in that I, too,  have a Masters in Education and I also teach yoga to children and adults. I have known Tara Rachel for over 10 years as a genuinely kind and gentle soul who has a true passion for yoga.  Then...three years ago I took my two year old grandson, Will, to Tara's Flower Yoga Class.  Will and I were gifted with Tara's expert storytelling, songs and poems interwoven with playful and creative yoga postures. Perhaps, most importantly, is the respectful interactions Tara Rachel has with each individual student. She is able to connect and meet each student's particular needs with patience, kindness and humor. Will will be turning 5 soon and loves coming to yoga.  Will has such an imaginative spirit when he plays. I credit yoga for the valuable practices of pretending. He is also a feisty little ice skater, soccer player and calm golfer. I credit yoga for his balance and ability to focus. I give Tara Rachel my highest recommendation. I can't wait for Will's younger brother to start class! 

-Annie V, Concord, Ma.-

Tara is such a wonderful teacher. My 3-year-old and I recently took her class and loved it! Tara's gentle spirit and calm tone create such a positive, loving environment. She's also extremely creative in the fun ways she introduces the concepts of yoga to young children. My daughter can't wait to go back! 

-Amy A, Cambridge, Ma.-     

My daughter loves yoga with Tara. We do our best to work her schedule around yoga so that she can always take class.  It is not just a class like other skill/enrichment classes such as ballet or music, art, and sports.  She comes out of class relaxed and refreshed. 

 IK, Leah’s 8-year-old Daughter says, "Yoga class is fun but it's also relaxing. Especially if you have a younger brother. If he makes you mad, you go to yoga class and you're not mad anymore."  

Leah K, Cambridge, Ma.     

When Josie was 4 years old, she started to show signs of asthma. There are lots of allergies within my side of family. I didn't want Josie to end up needing an inhaler. I looked around for yoga classes for little kids. Our family friend, strongly recommended Tara, so Josie and I started taking kids yoga class with together. We took yoga with Tara for two years. Josie and I loved it! It is filled with wonderful stories and songs. Tara also teaches kids to be environmental conscious, be grateful for what earth giving us, to be loving to all living creatures on earth. Josie didn't develop asthma! Can't wait till our younger son is old enough to take him to Tara's yoga class!!!   

Xu Li, Lincoln, Ma.  

Tara's classes have been a source of pure joy, happiness and freedom for my four children.   

Tonya O, Cambridge, Ma.  

Private and Semi-Private Flower Yoga Classes

Can't make it to a scheduled class? Tara Rachel has been working privately and semi privately with children, youth, teens and families since 1997! Schedule the a session at your home or in a studio setting. Tara Rachel is masterful at creating individual and small group classes that address the unique needs of her students. 

Flower Yoga FAQs

May I take a Flower Buds or Flower Blossoms class with my Child?

Parents are always welcome to join Flower Yoga classes taught by Tara Rachel Jones. Most of her classes are either child-drop-off or Parent/Child. 

All family Yoga Classes are Parent/Child and no child-drop-off.

My child has special needs and I would like to join a class. Is this class a good fit?

Flower Yoga Classes are inclusive. The best way to prepare for a class is to contact Tara Rachel to discuss your child's unique temperament and how to best serve the child. In many cases, at least 1-2 private classes can be a great way to support an open class experience. Many parents stay with their children for a few classes, before trying out the drop-off option. Other parents, stay for the whole series and take the class in sequential increments with their children. 

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