Flower Yoga


Who We Are

Flower yoga was founded by Tara Rachel Jones, M.Ed., and is managed together by her husband Aaron Jones and in wonder with their daughter Jade Rose. While their main practice is founded in yoga, they strive to celebrate the joys and traditions of all the world's people. Tara brings her nearly three decades of experience, Aaron brings his art, poetry, and music, while Jade Rose brings her indomitable spirit to all their celebrations. Transporting time honored, sacred traditions of the spirit of mankind in a playful, joyous environment is what they exist to do.  

How Do We Till Our Garden?

The Flower Yoga Mission is to bring children and families into the present moment, which is where the consciousness of a young mind resides. How do we achieve this? Through the ageless magic of storytelling, song and verse. Flower Yoga teachings are dedicated to meeting toddlers, children, youth, teens and families with these timeless gifts that enhance connection and communication. Yoga is a vehicle by which we all can find Unity in Diversity. Stories weave a melodious tapestry of inner character building, messages of awareness towards others, the self and the planet. Singing infuses the heart with joy and the body with breath. Rhythmical Language brings beauty in speech and diction for kind words and truth to emerge. Each Flower Yoga class is enveloped in a developmentally engaging structure that creates space for a deliberate and positive PAUSE from a very busy world.

You Reap What We Sow: What We Offer

Local Yoga Classes: Flower Yoga offers classes in schools, organizations, yoga studios and privately. Each class offers a full and balanced experience of all aspects of yoga that is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of young people ages 2-17, families and adults.   

Teacher Training: Become a Flower Yoga Trained Teacher! Weave the anchors of wonder and imagination into a developmentally aligned yoga class experience for children-teens and families. You will leave this course fully prepared to start your own classes and programs. Join  Live Courses or a private Skype option.

Curriculum Materials and Online courses for Teachers, Caregivers and Parents: Flower Yoga’s aim is to provide the highest quality yoga education to all those serving the development of children.


Adult Yoga Sessions: Tara Rachel offers private yoga sessions for adults.

Zen Shiatsu Therapy: Tara offers Zen Shiatsu, a form of Asian Bodywork Therapy. 

It's Time for Yoga: A yoga book for the whole family! Written by Tara Rachel Jones and Illustrated by Aaron Livingston Jones.

Yoga Birthday Parties: We will create a successful, fun and engaging yoga party for your child including: yoga class, yoga games and a beautiful nature craft!

Yoga in Schools and Organizations: Our founder, Tara Rachel has been establishing effective yoga programs to schools since 1997!

Private/Semi Private Yoga Sessions: Learn yoga at your own pace and individual design.

Flower Yoga is Unique

We blend traditional time tested techniques that invite everyone to study yoga in a way that includes all the world's sacred methods. Our practice offers  joy and reverence to body, heart and mind. Join a class and find out why your children and family will be inspired to learn and grow together with this life-serving habit. 

Our founder, Tara Rachel Jones, M.Ed., E-RYT 500, RCYT is Boston Area's first Children's Yoga Specialist!

Tara taught children’s yoga at an organic garden farm in a local suburban town, outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1998.  

Yoga Centers
Tara Rachel has started children’s and family yoga programs in the following studios of Massachusetts: 

  • Yoga For Life-West Concord 
  • Baptiste Power Yoga-Cambridge
  • O2 Yoga -Somerville
  • MysticRiver Yoga -Medford
  • The Arlington Center-Arlington
  • On The Mat Yoga Studio, Concord
  • Majestic Yoga Studio-Cambridge
  • Yoga Nova Studio-Bedford

Tara Rachel has brought yoga to schools and organizations since 1997! Local Massachusetts Schools and Organizations include: 

  • The Nature School, Bedford
  • Davis Public School, Bedford
  • The Atrium School, Watertown
  • Lowell Elementary School, Watertown
  • Russell Cooperative Pre-School Watertown
  • Bright Horizons, Watertown
  • Hardy Elementary School, Arlington
  • Nashoba Brooks School, Concord
  • Lesley Ellis School, Arlington
  • The Girl Scouts, Boston, Concord
  • Concord Academy, Concord
  • Citizen’s Schools, Boston
  • The Cambridge School of Westin, Westin
  • The Waldorf High School, Belmont
  • Spring Hill Montessori School, Cambridge
  • Parents Nursery School, Cambridge
  • Merriam Elementary School, Acton
  • Brackett Elementary School, Arlington
  • Acton Art, Acton
  • Thompson Elementary, Arlington
  • The Victor School, Acton
  • Bowman Elementary, Lexington
  • Lincoln Public Middle School, Lincoln
  • The Barn Nursery, Concord
  • Fenn School, Concord
  • Oxbow Schoolhouse, Devens
  • Stratton Elementary School, Arlington
  • Alcott Elementary School, Concord
  • Haggerty Preschool, Cambridge
  • Lincoln Public Library, Lincoln
  • Newton Public Library, Newton
  • Magic Garden, Lincoln
  • PIne Village Pre-School, Cambridge
  • Lincoln Nursery School, Lincoln
  • Beacon Hill Nursery School, Boston
  • DeCordpva Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln
  • Boston Children's Museum, Boston 
  • Harvard Yard Child Care Center, Cambridge
  • Cambridge Public Library, Cambridge
  • Cambridge Nursery School, Cambridge
  • Concord Middle School Soccer Teams, Concord
  • First Parish Unitarian Church, Concord
  • Bedford Public Library, Bedford

                                                         “Simple Living and High Thinking”   -Sri Swami Sivananda- 

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