Retreat progams

Youth Yoga Retreat for Ages 11-14

In 2003, Tara (Omkari) founded the Yoga Retreat Program at the Sivananda Yoga Ranch. She is director, coordinator and lead teacher for the 8-day sleep-away retreat. This retreat is a unique and peaceful experience for young teens. Students are guided to establish positive wellbeing and self-care through, meditation, yoga asanas, kirtan, selfless service, healthy cooking classes, hiking, MELT classes, yoga nidra, arts and crafts. Special events include: a waterfall hike, bonfire night, start gazing and a talent show. They enjoy taking part in the community life of the Ashram and have FUN! Please see for program details!  

The Sivananda Yoga Ranch is set on 75 acres in the Catskill Mountains. Youth students and Families will enjoy participating in a rich lifestyle away from the busy modern world and immersed in the wonders of the natural world and the teachings of yoga! Tara Rachel Jones has dedicated herself and her teachings for children, Youth and Families as a Karma Yogi (Volunteer) since 1997.  

Family Week for ages 4-10

This program is geared for ages 4-10. Children under 4 are welcome accompanied by an adult.  

Tara Rachel (Omkari) has been the director, coordinator and lead teacher for the Ranch's annual Family Week since 1997 when she was given this opportunity by her teacher and mentor, Sarabess Forster (Yashoda). Families join for all or any part of the 5-day yoga retreat! There are special classes for children including meditation, kirtan, yoga asanas, yoga games, selfless service, arts and nature walking, family cooking and PLAY in a warm and joyful community! Parents enjoy two asana classes a day while the children learn yoga through age-appropriate classes! Please see for program details!  

Gain Experience!

Sivananda Yoga Ashrams are a volunteer organization. Come gain experience as an asssitant while enjoying this unique cutural journey!

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Family Yoga Vacations for ages 4-12

This Program is geared for ages 4 - 12. Children under 4 are welcome accompanied by an adult.

The Family Yoga program happens during the adult yoga asana classes. Children participate in all aspects of ashram life, community, selfless service, meditation, kirtan, games, yoga classes, yoga games, arts and crafts. Children start at a young age to build lifelong health habits and meet families from all over the globe! Please see for program details!  

Tara Rachel Jones (Omkari) has been director and lead-teacher of Family Yoga Vacations for the Sivananda Yoga Retreat since 2007. The Ashram Retreat is located on beautiful Paradise Island in the Bahamas. All the fun of a beach getaway in a tranquil oasis in the sunshine!