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With Tara Rachel Jones, M.Ed., E-RYT 500, RCYT

Learn How to Teach Yoga for Ages 2-17

Inner seeds

The key to learning how to share yoga with children is to embrace the practice WITH them. Children are naturally drawn to engage in any activity that is embodied by the adult who is presenting it. This course is offered to anyone (teachers, parents, caregivers, therapists...) who wishes to introduce and practice yoga with the children in their lives. 

Become a Peacemaker

Concrete tools and practical application are presented in a simple to follow sequence. Yoga can be part of any lifestyle, as traditionally presented, it comprises 5 basic principles: 

Proper Exercise

Proper Relaxation

Proper Breathing

Proper Diet

Positive Thinking and Meditation. 

A Garden of Peace

The content of the course reflects these simple aspects and demonstrates how to offer this wellness practice in an age-appropriate and appealing style for children, youth, teens and families. 

Reaping the Path

Flower Yoga teachers are trained and guided in a traditional, humility and service - oriented way. A deep understanding of education pedagogy, child development, movement development and sensory integration practice is at the heart of every lesson created by the teacher. Each lesson is nourished through seasonal awareness, cultural and mythical storytelling and a practical knowledge of yoga philosophy.     


95hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Training: National Yoga Alliance (YA) Course

87 contact hours - divided into 7 modules, including training, classroom observations and practice teaching.

8 Hours self-study- lesson planning and an open book exam.


(FYT 95) 

If you are teacher, parent, caregiver, or a child professional in any other field, you will be presented with a Flower Yoga Certificate upon completion of course requirements. You will be able to conduct your own programs and classes for children ages 2-11, Youth/Teens ages 12-17 and Family Yoga.

TRACK 2: Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) 

If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200/300/500) and would like to become a Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT) through the National Yoga Alliance, you will receive a Flower Yoga Certification after completion of course requirements. You will then be able to be a certified RCYT and conduct your own programs and classes for children ages 2-11, Youth/Teens ages 12-17 and Family Yoga.  


TRACK 3: Foundations Course 

for Schools and Organizations 

Foundations Course for schools or organizations. This will give enough training for a specialty area and students will receive a certificate to teach ONLY within the organization and would need to join TRACKS 1 or 2 in order to conduct programs of one's own apart from their organization. Organizations may opt for one or more of the Course Modules listed in the course outline. 

TRACK 4: Private Skype Training

This track provides any of the above 3 track offerings that apply to the individual student.


95hr YA Certified Course Outline: What will you learn?

Yoga Education Module Content Module 1: 

  • Yoga Education for Children and Youth: Teaching Methodology
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • The 5 points of yoga/Karma Yoga/Nutrition
  • Simple to follow self practice/self-study diary
  • Ethics and Communication with Children, Parents and Colleagues

Module 2: 

  • Seven year cycles and child development: ages 0-7, ages 7-14, ages 14-21.
  • Developmental Movement Integration-study and practice
  • Teaching Yoga Asanas

Modules 3-5: 

  • Child/Youth/Teen Development
  • Lesson Planning
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Pranayama
  • Singing and Storytelling
  • Creating Yoga Games
  • Relaxation and Meditation techniques
  • Safety and Ethical Guidelines in Teaching
  • Implementing your own yoga program
  • Classroom Strategies

Module 6: 

  • Child-Teen Anatomy and Physiology
  • Energetic Anatomy Chakras
  • Special Needs Considerations
  • Sensory Integration Study and Activities

Module 7 (Self-Study): 

  • Classroom Observation and Practice Teaching
  • Lesson plan outlines
  • Open-book Exam 

Where Can I get Trained?


2020 Children’s Yoga Teacher Training in 6 Weekends in Arlington, Massachusetts!

 Flower Yoga Teacher Training 

Where: The Arlington Center, Arlington. MA

Training Model

This training is a 6-weekend model. a great way to integrate your learning throughout your day to day work with children. A great option for local students as well as a fun option for those out of town folks whom cannot attend a retreat training. 

Attend Live Classes

Tara Rachel teaches all over the Boston area. You will have the opportunity to observe in studio, school and event -based classes!

Dates for 2020 Training:

Module 1/2 

September 12-13

Module 2 

October 17-18

Module 3 

November 7-8

Module 4/practice teaching

January 9-10

Module 5/practice teaching 

February 27-28

Module 6/practice teaching 

March 20-21

Daily Schedule





1hr lunch break per day 


Tuition: $1675 (EARLY BIRD) and Full Tuition $1800 


To Register

1. Pay Tuition

2. Contact Tara Rachel Jones to receive your application. Bring the Flower Yoga Application and Integrity Agreement on the first day of the training


Children’s Yoga Teacher Training 12 Day Retreat

Summer  2020 Flower Yoga Teacher Training SKYPE RETREAT

Where: The comfort of your own Home

Training Model

This is a 12-day retreat will be in the comfort of your own home. While training to become a Children, Youth, Teen and Family Yoga Teacher, participate in a traditional yoga lifestyle for your own self-development which is a significant focus in becoming a heart-centered teacher of the future world citizens.

View Live Classes

You will see recorded live classes


July 30-August 11, 2020

NO class August 8: homework day

August 12 Open Book Exam and Award of Certificate 


Day 1


Course Outline

Begin the training 

Days 2-11: Daily Schedule

Follow Children's Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

Day 12 Closing Day 

Complete Final Assignments and Open Book Exam

  Child-Yoga TTC Graduation online at 5:00p.m.

Daily Schedule 

6:30 a.m.  Wake up / light breakfast or fruits  


Take Morning Training  Pre-recorded Self-Practice- Asana Class 

9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. Session 1

Children's Yoga Philosophy and Children's Hatha Yoga. 


1:00p.m. Session 2: Child Development 

3:00p.m. Session 3: Structuring a Family/Child/youth/Teen Yoga Class Experience 

4:15p.m. BREAK: 15 minutes  

4:30p.m. Session 4: How to Teach Family/ Child/ Youth/Teen Yoga classes OR Teaching Lab

6:00p.m. DAY ENDS   


EARLY BIRD $1175 until May 1, 2020

Full Tuition $1275 after May 1, 2020

Tuition includes:

  • 2 ( Digital) Training Manuals
  • A copy of It's Time for Yoga, by Tara Rachel Jones.


To Register

  2. Contact Tara Rachel Jones to receive your application. Sign, Scan and Email-return, the Flower Yoga Application and Integrity Agreement.


Training Books

Required Texts 

  • Yoga Education for Children, by Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  • Yoga for Children, by Swati and Rajiv Chanchani
  • Engaging the Whole Child Through Yoga, by Marcia Monroe
  • Yoga-Mind and Body, By The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center
  • IT'S TIME FOR YOGA, Tara Rachel Jones      

Strongly Recommended additions to Training Library: 

  • The Power of Play by, David Elkind
  • Montessori and Your Child, by Terry Malloy
  • Children-The Challenge, by Rudolf Dreikurs
  • The Compassionate Classroom, by Sura Hart and Victoria Kindle Hodson


  • How To Talk To Kids So That They Will Listen
  • How to Teach Children to Follow Rules
  • Do It Right! A Positive Guide To Discipline

Anatomy Books 

  • Wisdom of the Body Moving, by Linda Harley
  • Body Stories, by Andrea Olson

Additional Books on Child/Youth/Teen Development 

  • A Child is Born, by Wilhelm Zur Linden
  • Parenting a Path through Childhood, by Dotty
  • The Secret of Childhood, by Maria Montessori
  • Discovery of Childhood, by Maria Montessori
  • The Recovery of Man in Childhood, by A.C. Harwood
  • Between Form and Freedom, by Betty Staley

Adult Self-Study Guide 

  • The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga, by Swami Vishnu Devananda
  • The Sivananda Companion to Meditation
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center
  • Light on Yoga, By BKS IYENGAR
  • The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali-Exalted Path to Realization, by Chip Hartranft
  • Phases:The Spiritual Rhythms of Adult Life, by Bernard Lievegoed

What Are Graduates Saying about FY Training!


"I am forever grateful for this training!"

"I was ready to comfortably teach yoga to children and families, lead yoga programs at schools and community centers."

"Positively, one of my life's most favorite experiences."

"I whole heartedly recommend Tara Rachel Jones' Flower Yoga teacher training! As a special educator, in the field of education for 20 years, I learned more from Tara Rachel regarding children's development than I did in graduate school. For what feels like forever, I have had a strong knowledge base for working with differently abled children, and to a large degree, I had not kept up with staying formally educated on teaching to typically developing children. Tara Rachel's curriculum beautifully showed me how to tap into and expand the social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills of children using the many gifts found within a yoga lesson. Her curriculum, supported by research driven articles and texts, took a serious look at the science behind the practice of yoga as well as the philosophy of yoga and how all of its many pieces holistically support the whole child. With regards to self-study, I appreciated Tara Rachel's assignments outside of class (yoga class observations, reading assignments and summaries, self- practice (yoga postures, meditation), journaling and even an exploration into ayurveda. Most important, the training helped me come home to myself. As a very small child, I did not give myself permission to fully express myself through play and this often got in the way of my being playful with my students and my very own children. Throughout the Flower Yoga training, I discovered waking up to movement, music, story telling, and art in ways that all seemed brand new to me. I am forever grateful for this training and I think it should be on every children's yoga teacher training list!"

-Elizabeth Goranson-


Founder of Stretch What Matters

Mother, Educator, Teacher Trainer


"Positively, one of my life's most favorite experiences."

"I was ready to comfortably teach yoga to children and families, lead yoga programs at schools and community centers."

"Positively, one of my life's most favorite experiences."

"Flower Yoga teacher training, masterfully lead by Tara Rachel Jones is positively one of my life's most special experiences. Nurtured by her astounding multi-decade spanning experience as an early childhood educator and daily yoga practitioner, Jones is able to fully capture the stages of childhood development. She encapsulates childhood and provides a structure for teaching that facilitates ease in lesson plan creation. Jones models peace and loving kindness with every movement she makes and verse she sings. Steeped in knowledge about yoga philosophy, educational styles such as Montessori and Waldorf, this training is taught in such a way that any one that participates will walk away with myriad ideas and inspiration. The training manual is in depth. To walk away with it is to walk with both the facilitator's and her mentor's life's work. You get such a richness from the manual that it feels like bonus material."

-Lara Hocheiser-


Founder of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga

Mother, Author, Educator, Teacher Trainer  



"I was ready to comfortably teach yoga to children and families, lead yoga programs at schools and community centers."

"I was ready to comfortably teach yoga to children and families, lead yoga programs at schools and community centers."

"I was ready to comfortably teach yoga to children and families, lead yoga programs at schools and community centers."

"I took Tara’s Teacher Training Course for Children in 2015 at Sivananda Yoga Ranch. I couldn’t be happier.  It was 10 days of a very intense work and fun. I could write a book about the program itself, but you really need to experience that. The only thing I would say, that after the 10 days spent with Tara, I was ready to comfortably teach yoga to children and families, lead yoga programs at schools and community centers, I knew how to register my business, how to advertise and price my services, all the “dos and donts” that were necessary to just go out and be a children’s yoga teacher. And that’s what I did. A week or two after my training, I was organizing classes and teaching. I have been successfully doing it since then, teaching in local schools, centers, giving private lessons, etc. And all that’s great, but for me, the most important aspect is the constant support and mentorship that Tara offers after the training is over. You become a member of a beautiful Flower Yoga Teachers Family.... its a bit like becoming an Ivy League College alumni, but better." 

-Marta Gil-


Young Flower Yoga

Mother, Educator

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