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FLOWER YOGA PRESENTS you with unique lesson plans where yoga becomes an embodiment experience

for both you and your students. 

Each Lesson Plan entices the IMAGINATION process to come to life through STORY, SONGS and VERSE.

The lesson is designed and developmentally appropriate for the indicated age-group!

Yoga Practice invites a healthy and accepting relationship towards

other cultures, humanity and custodianship for the earth.

Each class offers:

Connecting Game

Breath Practice

Yoga posture sequence in alignment with storytelling

Group and Partner postures

Flower YogART activity

Guided Relaxation.


Flower Yoga Lessons are meeting children where they reside:


Story and Song are the source of inner life and wellbeing. 

As the Teacher, you create this magic. 

Flower Yoga Lessons give you a balanced recipe:

Cultivating the well-rounded process within 


Try it- experience the joy!

Flower Yoga Festival Lesson Plans

Diwali Lesson Plan


  Flower Yoga Diwali Lesson Plan for ages 7-11

The Ramayana

 Learn about the Mythological Yoga Superheroes of Diwali, how to make a Diya lamp and sing like a yogi! Cultural Festivals connect humanity to the cycles of the seasons in a joyful way. 

Ancient Wisdom has been passed generations through the art of storytelling. You will be the storyteller and bring your class on a timeless journey of courage, heroic deeds and cultural awareness!  



Hanukkah Lesson Plan


Flower Blossoms Lesson Plan for age 7-11


Gratitude Lesson Plan


Flower Buds and Blossoms Lesson Plan 

for Ages 4-11.

A Native American Tale.


Once A Mouse Lesson Plan


Flower Blossoms Lesson Plan for Ages 7-11  

Once a Mouse-A Tale from Ancient Indian


The practice of yoga acknowledges the significance of a teacher student relationship. The role of teacher or GURU, as is called in Sanskrit, is to guide the student in earnest to learn the practice of yoga and maintain these teachings to become one’s own inner principal. 

The student ultimately becomes a teacher when cultivating a heart of dedicated service while remembering the teachings and gifts that learning bestows.

 No matter how life can change and transform us, being true to who we are inside is the key to mastery. 


The Name of the Tree Lesson Plan


Flower Buds and Blossoms Lesson Plan 

for Ages 4-11

An African Tale


Squirrel Lost His Nuts Lesson Plan


Flower Buds Lesson Plan for Ages 4-7

An Original Story written and illustrated by our Flower Yoga Wizard, Aaron Jones and our Flower Yoga Fairy, Jade Rose.


Flower Yoga lesson Plans

The Name of The Tree


Flower Buds and Blossoms Lesson Plan 

for Ages 4-11

An African Tale


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Fill your Garden with these fun-filled   THEME CLASS LESSON PLANS   For ages 4-10

Originally developed and written by my beloved mentor, Sarabess Forster and her comrade, Wendy Oliver in the early 1980’s! Edited and additions by Flower Yoga Founder, Tara Rachel Jones, M.Ed., E-RYT 500, RCYT Formatted from typewriter to computer by Flower Yoga Teacher, Mimi Izzo. 

  • These lessons were created for multi-age classes are a practical inspiration for both the new and experienced teacher.

  • The timeless yoga-treasures are a fantastic multi-sensory way to incorporate yoga for children for yoga teachers, classroom teachers and caregivers.

  • Each Lesson begins with a comprehensive introduction to the benefits of yoga for children written by Sarabess,  Wendy and Tara Rachel.

  • Bonus Gift With Each Lesson: A pose bank with original drawings and cues for over 76 children's yoga postures!

Sun-Flower YoGa Lesson Plans

A Walk in the Woods Lesson Plan


Take a Walk in the Woods, the yoga way.

Ages 4-10


Rivers and Oceans Lesson Plan


Discover the Ocean, the yoga way.

Ages 4-10


Sun Salutations Lesson Plan


Learn why we salute the sun in yoga.

Ages 4-10


A Visit to India Lesson Plan


Yoga was brought to the west from India! 

Ages 4-10


A Visit to a Restaurant Lesson Plan


Try your favorite foods, the yoga way. Ride your bicycle to The Prasad House Yoga Restaurant!

Yoga for Ages 4-10


Playground Lesson Plan


Come to the playground, the yoga way!

Ages 4-10


Flower Yoga Online Courses


A Yoga Garden of Peace

Learn the art of harmonious management of the yoga classroom.


How to Run a Family Yoga Vacation


How To Run a Youth Yoga Retreat


Preschool Yoga


Finger Plays and Movement for the Seasons


The Storyteller!


Welcome to our Affiliate Courses!


We are a Global Family Yoga (GFY) Affiliate. Flower Yoga (FY) has partnered with Global Family Yoga to bring you additional online learning opportunities. GFY, founder, Mira Binzen and FY founder, Tara Rachel Jones, have been collaborating since the late 90’s. Mira brings her knowledge and experience as a child psychologist and yoga therapist to her courses.

 Flower Yoga teachings are also deeply rooted in child development theory and practice. 

We are so thrilled to be an affiliate school to this wonderful family business!

Why buy GFY courses through Flower Yoga?

Diversity in teaching! While Flower Yoga and GFY have similar roots, both have a unique style. For each GFY course, you purchase through our affiliate program, we provide you with additional complimentary content tailored to that course. 


Depending on the nature of the GFY Course,

Flower Yoga will offer a bonus-gift to go along with your purchase!

Affiliate Online Courses

Toddler Time Yoga



Toddlers teach us so much about the values of movement, attentiveness, play, joy and spontaneity. They remind us to be totally in the present moment. Our task as caregivers, parents and educators is to provide the toddler with enough structure to create order out of this busy modern world, while simultaneously honoring the unique needs of this precious age group. 

Mira has put together a cohesive course that is presented in a lesson plan format. After sharing an overview of toddler developmental milestones, the course is organized in segments that follow a typical Toddler Lesson Plan! 

Flower Yoga Bonus

Lap Game Video with a PDF outline

In order to receive your free Flower Yoga Bonus, you must purchase Toddler Time Yoga through this link: 

Yoga Games



Children of all ages thrive playing games. Games offer a platform for social inclusion, emotional and physical regulation, healthy and dynamic play and a genuine sense of community. Mira offers fun videos of many fun and cooperative yoga games for various age groups along with a downloadable mini E-book of her games!

Flower Yoga Bonus

Flower Yoga Game PDF

· 1 PDF of our favorite FLOWER YOGA Game! You will receive directions on how to play this game for all age groups: 

Young Children (ages 4-7)

Elementary Age Children (ages 7-11)

Middle/High School (ages 12-17)

In order to receive your free Flower Yoga Bonus, you must purchase Yoga Games through this link: 

Family Yoga



Teaching Family Yoga is a dynamic experience. It takes skills and awareness to maintain connection and engagement that is fun for a multi-age group class. Mira is masterful at offering a class which takes both the adult and child perspective into consideration. Partner poses and group games are woven seamlessly in her structure and sequencing. This course will give you a myriad of tools to create a delightful experience for everyone!

Flower Yoga Bonus: 

A Copy of our family yoga book! 

You will receive:

· 1 Family Yoga Lesson Plan

In order to receive your free Flower Yoga Bonus, you must purchase Family Yoga through this link:

Yoga for Stable and Calm Kids



How do children find stability and calm? Imagination! Through play, children create order and balance, integrate experiences cognitively, mentally and emotionally. Mira has crafted a lesson for peace and sensory processing, weaving fun and a soothing sequence- All Aboard a Pirate Ship!

Flower Yoga Bonus: 

1 Pirate Ship Video Song with outline PDF


· 1 short video of the Pirate Ship song with integrated movement and yoga poses!

In order to receive your free Flower Yoga Bonus, you must purchase Yoga for Stable and Calm Kids through this link:

Yoga Nidra for Children



“Calm Down, Relax, Settle Down!” How do you feel when you hear these words and phrases? Children need a formula, an experience and an actual process to embody these truly “Magic Words and Phrases!” Mira offers a specific road map for guiding children on a journey to inner awareness and tranquility in a fun, imaginative and developmentally sound approach. 

Flower Yoga Bonus:

Flower Yoga Nidra Audio for Children

· One 7-minute audio

In order to receive your free Flower Yoga Bonus, you must purchase Yoga Nidra for Children through this link:

The Essentials of Teaching Yoga to Children



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