What is Satsang?

Sat means divine and Sang means association. Other definitions include association with truth, association with the wise. It is the conscious choice to learn from and share knowledge with those who lift your awareness to broader places. It is also an alliance with that and those which inspires one to grow. Below are some, but not all, of my teachers and colleagues that I have met and been touched by on this path. 

Sanga: Inspirational Teachers and Colleagues

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers and Ashrams Worldwide 

Yoga and Courses for Adults: Barbara Benagh 

Yoga, Anatomy and Consciousness for Adults: Arthur Kilmurray 

Yoga Trainings for Adults: Tias Little 

Children’s Yoga Teacher Resources and Courses: Mira Binzen 

Anatomy Trains: Tom Myers 

The School for Body Mind Centering: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen 

KMI, Thai massage, Thai SI, individual instruction, Anatomy Instructor and Anatomy Trains and Yoga: Yaron Gal Carmel 

Spring Hill Montessori School: Victoria and Mark Oliva 

Lexington Waldorf School: Lexington, Massachusetts 

The Center for Non-Violent Communication: Dr. Marshall Rosenburg 

Stretch What Matters- Teaching Yoga to Children with Special Needs: Elizabeth Goranson                  

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